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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the FlyNamibia Safari Circuit

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How to book:

Bookings can be made online on the FlyNamibia website via the FlyNamibia Safari link.



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Which runways are used at each destination?

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What is the check in times and rules?

  • Check in opens 90 minutes before departure

  • Check-in will close 30 minutes prior to departure. Please refer to the scheduled time of departure (STD) indicated on your booking ticket.

  • Boarding will close 20 minutes prior to departure.

  • This flight is a non-smoking flight.

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FlyNamibia Safari will partner with charter operators in Swakopmund and Sossusvlei to further connect you too hard to reach destinations in the south and north of Namibia. This will be advertised as an ancillary service on our booking system in the near future.

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What are the baggage allowances?

18kg soft bag luggage allowed (inclusive of hand luggage)

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Flight Schedule

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What conditions can

I expect while flying to the various destinations?

As with any flight‚ some turbulence can occur on occasion.

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Will food and beverages be served in flight?

Snacks and a beverage will be served

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What is the cancellation terms?

From confirmation to arrival: 20% non-refundable deposit


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From confirmation to arrival: 20% non-refundable deposit


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Can you accommodate handicapped and special needs guests?

Please note that‚ due to the nature of our aircraft‚ there may be a few restrictions. Please contact for more information.

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Are there any specific rules pertaining to children?

No. FlyNamibia Safari guests must adhere to the same rules and restrictions‚ and everyone enjoys the same benefits.

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Do you offer services specifically tailored for flying corporate groups?

Yes. Contact for more information.

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What if I would like to travel on my own time?

You can book private charters through our team of charter experts at

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